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This page was last updated on: March 22, 2023
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Hello old friends!  

Don't take that too personally now that "old" might be beginning to sting a little!

This is Joan Pritchard. Remember me?

I went searching the Web to see what Gospel Outreach stuff I could find. Most of what I found was at Verbo.org.  But I was in search for MORE!  

So I have scanned some of our old photos for this website. There are now photos from many of you on here too.  If you have a testimony or any old GO photos, just email me. Send the pics as .jpgs.

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Gospel Outreach was part of the Jesus Movement in northern California in the early 1970's. Jim Durkin, pastor of Deliverance Temple in Eureka, CA opened his church doors to the hippies that came.  I found Jesus Christ as my Savior on August 5, 1972 at Deliverance Temple in Eureka, California.  I joined hundreds of new Christians who found Jesus through Gospel Outreach while hitch hiking across the country.  I moved to the Lighthouse Ranch on Table Bluff, outside of Eureka and learned about what it means to be a follower of Jesus.  I met my husband Chris while working at the Donut Shop. During this time, churches were planted across the US and in other countries to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ, Chris and I went "into all the world" January 1975 and moved to join the Gospel Outreach church in New York City, and in 1977 moved to
Philadelphia and started a Gospel Outreach church there.  I hope you enjoy seeing a glimpse of God's work in our lives through our photos, and photos of others, taken during that time.     Joan

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For those who found this website and do not know, the founder of Gospel Outreach, Jim Durkin, joined the Lord in glory on January 12, 1996 and 
Dacie Durkin joined him March 23, 2011.  The Gospel Outreach churches that remain in Eureka, CA, Tacoma, WA, Olympia, WA, and Portland, OR 
have become Gospel Outreach Reformational Church.  The Lighthouse  Ranch is no longer a Christian commune, it has been purchased by the state. 
The lighthouse has been moved to downtown Eureka and the cross has been taken down.  The land is open to the public.  There have been rumors that a visitor's center will be built on the five-acre site that was previously the Lighthouse Ranch to create Table Bluff Ecological Preserve overlooking the Eel River Delta, Humboldt Bay and the Pacific Ocean. 

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Gospel Outreach began with Pastor James Durkin and his wife Dacie at Deliverance Temple: 
123 W. Cedar Street , Eureka, CA in the early 1970's.
During the Jesus Movement many young people hitchhiking through Eureka were offered free lodging and food and an introduction to Jesus at the Lighthouse Ranch on Table Bluff, Loleta, CA. Pastor Jim, formerly an Assembly of God pastor, established the non-denomination ministry and church called Gospel Outreach. Up to 200 young people lived at the Ranch at one time so teams started to be sent out to start churches in the cities people came from. 

After Pastor Jim's death in 1996 some of the members that had been part of Gospel Outreach, started a new church in Eureka called 
Gospel Outreach Reformational Church.  Gospel Outreach Reformational Church is a Reformed theology church.  
Their new building (address below) was dedicated on September 26, 2009.

Gospel Outreach Reformational Church
2845 St. James Place, Eureka, CA 95503 * (707) 445-2214 

Pastor: David Sczepanski
Chris and I were blessed to be able to visit Israel in February 2009 with our church, Calvary Chapel. How amazing it was to be where Jesus was!
Tree Planters School in Eureka w LeRoy Nidever
Jim and Dacie Durkin, who God used to teach thousands of young people about Jesus
Read the article about the Lighthouse Ranch by Heidi Walters of North Coast ​Journal 
Hollywood Free Paper has a Jesus Film on their website
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